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Accept Terms and Conditions

Flea Circus™ Interchange (Operated by Flea Circus™ Books)
Terms of Use Agreement for members in Flea Circus™ Interchange

Any exception to these Terms of Use shall be articulated in a separate agreement with or a memorandum provided by FCB and shall be granted only on a case-by-case basis.

Trade Marks

FLEA CIRCUS ® / FLEA CIRCUS ™ is a registered trademark in Canada and the USA. FCB has permission from the trademark owner to use the Flea Circus trademark and to subsequently permit display of the Flea Circus trademark on books self-published by their authors making use of the services provided on the Flea Circus™ Interchange in association with FCB. The Flea Circus trademark protects the rights of the owner of the trademark to delivery of services in relation to book projects using the trademark Flea Circus.

Web Links

All links to websites, blogs, social media and other internet locations must be accompanied by a prominent notice which makes it clear to a browser that the link leads to a website controlled by Flea Circus™ Books.

Liability and Warranty Disclaimer

Flea Circus™ Books makes no claims or promises that use of the Flea Circus™ Interchange or any other services provided by Flea Circus™ Books will result in any book sales whatsoever. The onus is on the self-publishing author to write a good book, to edit and otherwise complete the Book Project(s) in an appealing and professional manner, and to put into action an effective marketing strategy. Flea Circus Books, when entering into Branding and other agreements with an author, may have a direct interest in the marketing success of a Book Project, and may make available marketing paraphernalia, suggestions and other forms of assistance which the Primary Author may chose to use at his/her sole discretion.


All materials presented on any website or other venue controlled by Flea Circus Books are protected by copyright. Specific permission to use the Flea Circus Trade Mark, Logo, pro-forma contract, marketing paraphernalia or any other resource must be obtained by entering into a specific agreement with Flea Circus Books, using an appropriate form as provided by or accepted by Flea Circus Books.
The Primary Author must have copyright and/or permission to use any and all materials, content and other aspects associated with a book project published in association with Flea Circus Books. In cases where Flea Circus™ Books will claim copyright to a book project as part of a more comprehensive publishing agreement with an author, specific conditions relating to the ultimate transfer of copyright to the Primary Author shall be stipulated in an agreement such as the pro-forma contract offered through the website. Should a dispute arise in regard to intellectual property rights, copyright, or any other form of content related to a book project, all parties to the dispute who have signed this agreement shall resolve the dispute in a manner consistent with these Terms of Use and be informed by the Statement of Ethics as published on the Flea Circus™ Books website.

Conflict Resolution

Parties to this agreement hereby commit that all conflicts shall be resolved in a manner which is fair, reasonable, and consistent with the general concept that use of the Flea Circus™ Interchange does not guarantee that any Book Project will result in any sales whatsoever. Therefore, when a right to be paid a percentage of royalties in regard to a Book Project is assigned to a content collaborator or a niche marketer, as per conditions and other terms of an agreement between Author and Collaborator, there may be situations where a collaborator has worked on a Book Project but will ultimately receive no financial consideration, including when a Book Project fails to have any marketing success.
In some cases, a conflict could arise from a Book Project being very successful. In the event that a Book Project attracts the attention of a literary agent, publishing house, or any other interested party, any offer or negotiations with the Primary Author, the Primary Author agrees to disclose the offer or negotiations to each collaborator with a current agreement giving that collaborator a percentage of royalty payments.
In any conflict between an Author and Collaborator(s), Flea Circus™ Books will provide all parties with any documentation requested that is in the possession of Flea Circus™ Books that appears to bear on the conflict; however Flea Circus™ Books shall not be a party to such dispute unless it agrees in writing to be added as a party – said decision to be within the sole discretion of Flea Circus™ Books. If any Author or Collaborator names Flea Circus™ Books as a party to a dispute without the prior written consent of Flea Circus™ Books , then the party which named Flea Circus™ Books shall indemnify and save harmless Flea Circus™ Books of and from any and all expense and cost related to such dispute including legal fees and disbursements on the basis of solicitor and his/her own client. Parties to this agreement are encouraged to engage independent legal counsel in the event of any form of conflict resolution which can not be resolved first through reasonable and fair efforts based on these Terms of Use and the Statement of Ethics.

Interchange Rules of Conduct

This section relates specifically to use of the Flea Circus™ Interchange.
As part of your membership agreement, Flea Circus™ Books will endeavour to maintain the integrity of the Interchange. In order to achieve this, clear rules of conduct and policies in regard to warnings and potential termination of a member’s privileges must be articulated and agreed to in this Terms of Use agreement. The intent of these rules is to foster a professional interchange which is respectful, honest, secure and of benefit to users. To achieve this, we require that you follow the following 7 rules:
Rule 1. Use your legal name for any agreements with any other interchange users. You are welcome to use a pen name or nickname on the Interchange, however you must use your legal name and address when making use of the pro-forma agreement (or any substitution made by a Primary Author) between yourself and any other stakeholder in a Book Project.
Logic of Rule #1: The anonymity of free-access forums is often accompanied by abuses, fraud, spam and other annoying activities. Therefore anonymity is not an option when collaborating on a Book Project.
Rule #2. No Profanity. Use of foul language is strictly prohibited.
Logic of Rule #2. We want to foster a professional and courteous interchange, as if you were in a public speaking venue. This is intended to elevate the professionalism and conduct on the Interchange.
Rule #3. Respect Others. This includes a prohibition against derogatory comments and name-calling directed at others or in regard to their Book Projects. We may devise satisfaction rankings, “like”, “dislike” and other scoring tools which permit Interchange participants to express views which may be negative, however these will be constructed in a manner that conveys positive criticism and other feedback in an impersonal manner.
Logic of Rule #3. Respect fosters a positive environment, where new writers can benefit from advice and response that their projects and skills as a writer could benefit from. The same applies to the contribution and conduct of content collaborators and niche marketers.
Rule #4. Spamming and off-topic information are prohibited. This includes attempts to highlight services outside of the Interchange. You are welcome to post any such information on your own home page, which Interchange users may choose to view, however that takes place outside of the Interchange and beyond our control or interest.
Logic of Rule #4: This is not a wide open blog where people can vent on whatever topic is on their minds. It is a Interchange with a specific purpose – to progress member’s book projects from conception to fruition.
Rule #5. USE OF CAPS LOCKS is strongly discouraged.
Logic: It is less readable and commonly considered to be annoying.
Rule #6. You do not represent Flea Circus™ Books. Members in the Interchange may ultimately publish in association with Flea Circus™ Books, or be published by Flea Circus Books; however Interchange membership does not convey any special status to you as a representative of FCB or the Interchange, nor does it give you any rights whatsoever with respect to the Flea Circus trademark which is used and displayed by its owner to distinguish publications which have received services on the Interchange. However, if you are a collaborator or a stakeholder in a Book Project, you are welcome to advertise or comment on your involvement in that project, in accordance with any agreements you have entered into with any Primary Author(s) you are working with through tInterchange.
Logic of Rule #6. We encourage you to disclose and discuss your activities on the Interchange, and to report your success, satisfaction, concerns and experiences with FCB and the Interchange. However, it is essential that Interchange users understand that while membership does grant you access to an inside world, it does not make you an employee or a representative of FCB or the Interchange.
Rule #7. Membership is contingent upon a shared vision. As the purpose of the Interchange is to help authors elevate the quality, lower the costs, and to effectively market their books, any activities which deliberately or could reasonably be expected to cause the book buying public or the publishing industry at large to see books published in association with FCB and the Interchange in a negative light are prohibited. Simply put, if you are working against the good reputation we are building with the Flea Circus™ brand, then you will lose your membership privileges.
Logic of Rule #7. We are working to re-brand the self-publishing author so that book buyers will understand that by buying FCB branded books, their risk of winding up with book of low quality has been reduced through content collaboration as enabled through the Interchange. Other aspects of our marketing strategy require that the Flea Circus story, where the diversity and creativity of independent self-publishing authors is given a fighting chance in the extremely competitive publishing industry. Accordingly, we must all act in such a way that preserves and supports our collective reputation.


Flea Circus™ Books may revise these Terms of Use at any time by updating this posting. All users of this site are bound by this agreement and should therefore review this page from time to time to review any changes. A news banner highlighting any changes shall be posted in a prominent location on the home page.

Refund Policy / Membership Cancellation

Flea Circus Interchange (FCI) membership is paid through Pay-Pal. This membership fee (“Turnstile Fee”) grants a member access to the members-only pages of the FCI platform.
Discounted Membership. Discounted membership fees are non-refundable.
Full Price Membership. Fully refundable up to 90 days provided you have not entered into a content collaboration agreement with FCB or with any other FCI member. If you have entered into an agreement, your membership fees are non-refundable two weeks after entering into your first such agreement. Refunds are processed through Pay-Pal.
Membership Cancellation Procedure. If you wish to terminate your membership send a request to: If you wish to communicate your reasons for termination, or any concerns you may have, please do so. In the event that your membership is being terminated by FCB as a result of your having violated these Terms of Use, we will provide you with an email stating the circumstances.