Book Buying Public

This all works well for the author, the Content Collaborators, and Niche Marketing Entrepreneurs. But how does it work for the book buying customer?

Well, when she picked up a half-dozen coupons at Antonio’s salon and later decided to download a few of them into her e-book reader before her vacation to the beaches of "FLEARIDA" she became a Flea Circus customer.  The e-book she is reading may well impress her with its professional quality.  The story behind the Flea Circus™, with such an exciting diversity of undiscovered authors, may intrigue her.  She may become a repeat customer, coming back to the FCB website to find subsequent books using the FCB Rewards Program.

She may come to believe that the collaborative self-publishing process lowers her risk as it elevates the quality of books under the Flea Circus™ Brand.  In fact, she may decide that getting involved in the Flea Circus™ as a book buyer, anvil chorus reader, subject matter expert, author, or niche marketing entrepreneur could become a fun and rewarding activity. 

One thing which the book buyer may not realize at first is that the coupon kiosk she encountered at Antonio’s Salon has subtly changed the game in terms of how books are marketed.  Rather than throwing a book up on Amazon or any other web based point of sales, where the book must compete with potentially millions of books available, Flea Circus™ Books are marketed in small numbers so each book competes with just a few dozen others on an individual kiosk.  This is a powerful niche marketing strategy, one which may help an author move from sales in the teens and dozens of books up to what we consider our measure of success, 500 books and beyond. The Flea Circus™ may be just what you are looking for.

To get involved, explore all of the public pages.  When you are comfortable, join the Flea Circus! 

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