Coupon Kiosk

There are a variety of locations which are well suited for the distinctive FCB coupon kiosk.  In this example, the distinctive FCB artwork catches the attention of a customer in a waiting area at “Antonio’s Toenail Curling Salon”.

When the regular customer reads “Antonio’s Picks” written on the Kiosk they will have made a positive interpersonal connection.  They may even ask the Antonio, about the two dozen or so book coupons featured on the kiosk.  Antonio is a stakeholder in and collaborator on all the book projects for which he has coupons on his FCB Coupon Kiosk.  This may spark some interest in some of the books featured in the kiosk.  When the customer takes a coupon home and later downloads an e-book or buys a paperback online, Antonio and all the other stakeholders earns royalties. When a book is bought directly from a POD printer, using a deep discount coupon, Antonio may also earn a cash commission from the sale.  The sales generated by this single Niche Marketing contract may be just one of four or five which the Author has negotiated through the FCB platform, contributing to a coherent and integrated marketing strategy devised and managed by the self-publishing author with inputs from any and all stakeholders in the book project.

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