On the marketing side, our niche marketing strategies could help you design your marketing campaign in a manner that fits your individual needs. The core concept is to market your book on a very personal level.

Your book could appeal to book buyers in a variety of niches: Geographic  – where the story takes place and where the author hails from; Group Affiliation  – which social, professional, thematic or other groups could your book appeal to?  B&M host -  which brick & mortar bookstores are friendly to self-publishing authors and have active “book event” programs for local authors?  Social / Web - where your book is blogged and put “out there” through a variety of means; and other niches that you and your team of collaborators have come up with. 

To give power to our niche marketing strategy, FCB has created a Coupon Kiosk program which allows small business owners to add cash-flow to their existing operations.  In order to participate, however, the Niche Marketing Entrepreneur must negotiate a contract with each author.  FCB provides the author with a coupon template and some suggestions on how to manage discount codes.  The discount codes are generated at the POD printer and perhaps other point of sales firms.   The Collaboration contract has Measures of Performance and other terms, however is quite simple in concept and in execution. 

The Niche Marketer simply puts up a FCB Coupon Kiosk in their place of business and other locations where people may spend at least a few minutes in a waiting room, lounge, or other space.  Coupons can also be handed out in person when conversation turns to the joys of reading books, especially when readers become interested in the Flea Circus™ story.  In fact, all stakeholders in a book project should be given coupons. 

This is just one part of your marketing strategy.  The objective is to get some momentum going and perhaps surpass the 500 book milestone.  Some book projects may fall short of this modest goal while others may surpass it.  By having 500 books sold as the marketing objective, however, we keep our expectations realisitic.  By setting modest and achievable goals and by creating a coherent and effective marketing strategy for your book projects, you may be rewarded by a feeling of accomplishment as you pass your very modest break-even point. After that, with experience and marketing data in hand, you may decide to reinforce success and together with your Content Collaborators and Niche Marketing Entrepreneurs, you may ultimately surpass your initial goal.  


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