Book is Published

So now your book is published and available for sale through an online retailer as an e-book and/or a paperback. Perhaps you have found a local bookstore to feature this new book by a local author. You have entered the marketing stage.

If you negotiated a contract with Flea Circus™ Books for permission to use our distinctive Flea Circus Trade Mark on your book spine, then you are self-publishing “In association with Flea Circus™ Books”.  With our brand, your book may be seen to have the elevated quality and reputation which book buyers will hopefully come to associate with the content collaboration process of the Flea Circus™ system.  You may also have negotiated contracts with collaborators who are Niche Marketing Entrepreneurs making your book coupon available in any number of different small business or other contexts.  Unlike the solo self-publishing author, you could have developed a number of stakeholders in your project and have a coherent and integrated niche marketing strategy.  Most importantly, because you have done your book project through the Flea Circus™ system, your costs have been kept to an absolute minimum.  Even after you distribute royalties to your stakeholders your break-even point may well be achieved within the first few hundred books sold.  Our concept is that with content collaboration, Flea Circus™ branding, and an effective niche marketing strategy you may be able to outperform the 50 to100 book industry average and achieve the 500 book level which we consider to be an initial measure of success for a collaborative self-published author.  This very modest and attainable goal represents a positive outcome and could be a pathway to further success.  If you are looking for a promise of selling many thousands of books, then the Flea Circus is probably not right for you.  This is a place where we embrace our small stature in the publishing industry, and have a lot of fun in the process without investing large sums of money in our projects.  However, our system also paves the way for more aggressive marketing campaigns, should the marketing data give you reason to believe that such an investment is warranted.


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