About Us

The Flea Circus (TM) is my solution to a problem faced by a great many authors.  Those of us who have not been taken on by a literary agent or a publishing house, and have decided to self-publish, are faced with an elephant-sized problem.  The problem is that we have to replicate all of the content development, production, distribution and marketing aspects which are normally handled by the experienced staff at a publishing house.  This task was far beyond my own core competencies, so I reached out into my social networks and found some of the help that I needed.  Having found an editor, I moved on and self-published my book.  Then I faced the challenge of how to market my book, in the face of a massive proliferation of new titles by self-publishing authors. 

It was when I realized that in terms of the publishing industry, as a new author self-publishing without the support and expertise of a publishing house, I am an insignificant little flea who has bitten off more than he can chew.  Acceptance of this resulted in a watershed of comprehension.  I am not likely to sell tens of thousands of books, so spending large sums of money on my book is not warranted.  So I set myself the goal of networking to find collaborators such as my editor, cover artist, subject matter experts and an anvil chorus of readers who could help me make my book as professional as possible.  But that still left unaddressed the problem of marketing.  The more I researched this, the more I was not satisfied that the "conventional" methods would be successful.  In the context of a publishing industry in transition to more and more web-based marketing, I felt that this was only half of the solution.  What is really needed is to present my book right in person, into the lives of the book buying public.  That was the inspiration for the niche marketing system.

From that point on, with the help of a great many people who know a lot more than I do, Flea Circus Books has taken shape.  Now that we have launched, and commenced the Beta Phase, we have a chance to advance these concepts to the point where the Flea Circus Interchange will be helpful for self-publishing authors to elevate the quality, reduce the costs, and effectively market their interesting books.

As for myself, I am on the verge of retiring from the Air Force as a pilot.  With my wife and four children, I plan to open a small bookstore somewhere along Highway 4 on Vancouver Island.  The bookstore will be under the Flea Circus (TM) brand.  It will be a great place for authors and other participants in the Flea Circus Interchange to pop in for a latte and a conversation - perhaps on their way to visit Tofino and Long Beach - and touch base with the original flea.  That's my vision, how I plan to enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle of writing, publishing and marketing my own books.  If I am succesful, I will sell at least 500 of each of my titles.  That is a very modest and achievable goal, one that represents a positive and enjoyable outcome for myself and for my family.