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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why does the sign-up page ask so many questions? 

A1: To enable a variety of search buttons thruogh "Find-A-Flea" and VIP access.  This is how your book project gets visibility.  Those who could help you on your project will surf the Flea Circus Interchange for projects which they would like to know more about.  Based on the infor you put on your intake page, they may contact you to open a dialogue. 


2. Why are there so few participants in this Interchange? 

A2:  We have just launched, and are in a Beat mode while we fine-tune.  We will not being our major advertising campaign until we are satisfied that the FC Interchange is at a satisfactory Initial Operating Capacity.  Having said that, the first cadre of members have our full support.  Your needs will help us craft an effective and easy-to-use system.  Your projects have visibility now, as we are starting to become known. As you continue to edit and otherwise advance your project, we will lean forward with you and develop tools and products which fit yoru needs.  These solutions will then be added to the pot and be available for new FC Interchange members.


3. How secure is my data? 

A3:  The FC Interchange uses industry standard HTTP-S protocols which make your data secure.  At some point, you may choose to share your manuscript with a CC or NME, however you will first negotiate a F001 or other agreement with your collaborator(s), further protecting your intellectual property rights. 


4. What format should I put my project description / book synopsis in?

A4: Format is up to you!  We suggest that you use about two pages, however you are free to use as many pages and whatever format you like.  If your style conveys enough about your project to inform and stimulate a prospective CC or NME, then they can ask for more.


5.  What is the "critical mass" in terms of FC Interchange participants?

A5: Critical Mass will be confirmed by a survey of FC Interchange participants.  However, we will only put out the survey when we think that there is enough diversity of authors, CCs and NMEs such that authors are finding collaborators and projects are moving forward.  This may be as few as 100 participants.  We are scaled for growth well into the thousands of participants.