Attention Clubs and Groups!

Flea Circus Books would like to offer our support for your club.

Your group may want to get involved in the Flea Circus in a variety of ways.  Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to tell us about your group.  We may grant you a free membership as a "Sponsored Group" or you can simply sign up as a paid member under the Group category.  Together, we could come up with some very positive ways for your group to get involved in the Flea Circus.

Groups may want to consider involvement in the following ways:

1. Your group could be among the first to read the latest book published in association with Flea Circus Books.  Our authors would greatly appreciate your feedback in the form of book reviews, blogsite comments and other assistance in getting the word out about Flea Circus Book projects.

2. Your group may want to act as a well-organized "anvil chorus" to help with the final editing of a book project.  This could open the door to a fund raising opportunity for your book.

3. Fund raising.  Our authors may agree to give you a Niche Marketing franchise.  By distributing book coupons for a number of our authors, your group could earn royalties and commissions just like a Niche Marketing Entrepreneur.  The difference between a group and a conventional NME is that your group may be distributing coupons in a one-time coupon flyer drive or other community based activity rather than a fixed location for a coupon kiosk.  However, the same principles apply.  Help get the word out about book projects which you sign up with authors for, and earn money for your group.

4. Group Book Projects: Flea Circus may be a suitable way for your group to complete a book project.

5. Other possibilities: Limited only by our imaginations.