This page is for Literary Agents, Publishers, Book Printers, Screenplay Writers, Film and TV Producers, Directors and other influential people who may wish to obtain VIP status.

OUR MESSAGE TO YOU:  Are you a Very Important Person? Take a peek into the Flea Circus.  You may be one of those Big Dogs (or Cats if you prefer) that we fleas dream of. You may find the avalanche of query letters and other unsolicited materials you receive on a daily basis to be an annoyance.  On the other hand, this has in the past been a source of the occasional gem or great idea which you have embraced as a project which you ultimately brought to fruition.

With the Flea Circus, you now have a better option.  You could refer or encourage these raw and not yet professionally polished projects to consider improving their book projects through the Flea Circus.  This could result in a good idea being taken to a much more professionally developed project.

By surfing the book projects here on the Flea Circus, using our customized database search tools, you may find a few projects which are a good fit.  You may even follow some of the projects you referred to FCB, monitoring their development through our Content Collaboration process.  You are free to contact any member of the Flea Circus Interchange, as long as you are a member.  If you are a VIP member, this will highlight to our members that you have a good reputation within the Flea Circus.

If you are a VIP, we may waive the membership fee and grant you VIP access to the Flea Circus Interchange.  Simply send a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We will look into your good reputation and consider granting you a free membership as a VIP member of the Flea Circus.  If we do not find sufficient information to warrant giving you a free membership as a VIP, we will reply with a standardized rejection letter (sound familiar?).  A rejection from FCB means that we do not know enough about you or your services to recommend you to our authors as a reputable VIP.  However, even if rejected by our VIP program you are welcome to join the Flea Circus as a paid member under the "industry" or any other category.  Once we know more about author's experiences with your firm, we may upgrade you to VIP status.

NOTE: Flea Circus members may be involved in intellectual property agreements related to  particular Book Projects.  VIP recruitment of a Flea Circus Interchange member would require the satisfaction of stakeholder's rights.